The Believer’s Birthright

The Believer’s Birthright (Eph. 1-2)

        Acceptance by God, with access to Him 24/7,

        Blessing upon blessing upon blessing because I am His beloved,

       Confidence that I’ve been chosen by Him,

       Deliverance from the penalty and the power of sin,

       Enlightenment to understand spiritual things, and eternal life that will never end,

        Forgiveness of all my sin – past, present, and future,

        Grace for every situation and need,

        Hope for my tomorrows, a Heavenly Home be prepared for me,

        An inheritance that is kept for me in heaven,

        Justification so that in God’s sight I am right with Him,

        Knowledge of the truth,

        His love that will never let me go, His life that is abundant, full, and free,

        Mercy that gives me less than I deserve,

        Nearness regardless of where I am or what I’m doing,

        Oneness with Him,

        His power that’s unlimited and His peace that passes all understanding

        His quickening into new life within,

        Redemption from a meaningless, empty, superficial existence,

        The divine seal of His Spirit placed within me,

                …and the list keeps going on and on.

                                       Anne Graham Lotz, The Daniel Prayer

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