Sermon: Praying in the Spirit: Aggressive Warfare Praying

Ephesians 6:18

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. 

We do not pray in the Spirit in any one way

  1. Praying with passion and speaking in a prayer language are ways of praying in the Spirit
  2. They are not the only way

Praying in the Spirit is taking advantage of the power we have at our disposal thru the Holy Spirit.

  1. It is fervent, aggressive warfare praying

Our authority over the enemy is not open to debate – it is fact.

  1. Few believers truly take full advantage of the powerful resources of praying in agreement with the Holy Spirit

Things To Remember:

  1. Praying God’s Word is a powerful tool in aggressive warfare praying
  2. Scripture memorization puts the Sword of the Spirit at your fingertips
  3. Warfare praying is also useful in praying for yourself
    • It’s not selfish, it’s sensible.
  4. Mark Brubeck: “Satan will go to almost any length to distract and divert a believer from warfare praying.”

Keys to Warfare Praying

        There are many different kinds of warfare prayers. However, in the Christian’s life, intercessory prayer – praying for another person’s salvation, healing, deliverance, welfare, etc. – is the most common. The precepts discussed here can be applied to many other warfare prayers.

Warfare Intercessory Prayer

The more specific the prayer the better. Specific words and scriptures are important in warfare praying.

Open your prayer by asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you pray.

  1. Ask if, “I may pray in the Spirit”
    • Seek the authority of the Holy Spirit

“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ – as a priest of God…”

  1. Ask for forgiveness, healing, deliverance, or protection of the person you are praying for.

(In using the title “Lord Jesus Christ” you are invoking the authority of His full name and title.)

        Plead the sufficiency of Jesus’ blood to meet the full penalty that the person’s sin deserves.

  1. Particularly important if praying for salvation or deliverance

Reclaim any ground the person has given up to the enemy through their sin.

        In the name of the Lord Jesus Christresist (James 4:7) all of Satan’s activity to hold the person in spiritual blindness, darkness, pain, illness, fear, etc.

        Claim the authority that you have through your union with Jesus Christ – through your adoption by the Heavenly Father with full rights and privileges.

  1. Pull down the strongholds of the enemy
  2. Destroy/smash/break all plans of Satan against the person
  3. Destroy any spiritual blindness or deafness, darkness, illness, pain, etc. caused by Satan

Invite the Holy Spirit upon the person for clarity and peace

  1. Ask Him to convict and bring about repentance for any sin
  2. Ask that the person be led to faith

Cover the person with the blood of Jesus Christ to break Satan’s power over them.

A major tool of Satan is to inject evil thoughts into the minds of believers and unbelievers.

  1. Thoughts of murder, perverse sexuality, hatred, and others – thoughts that are not part of the person’s normal psyche.
  2. These thoughts can cause a great deal of distress and guilt in the afflicted person – particularly when coupled with the enemy’s onslaught of accusation and condemnation.

Warfare Praying for Evil Thoughts

        In the name of the Lord Jesus Christreject the thoughts.

        Apply your union with the Lord Jesus Christ over the power of Satan who is causing these thoughts.

  1. Command him to leave your presence

Submit your mind, will and emotions only to the Holy Spirit.

Reclaim any and all ground given in your life by sin or by believing the enemy’s lies.

Close “In the name of Jesus,”

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