7 Promises – Discussion Q’s

  1. Abundant Life – Matthew 16:24-25

In vs. 24, Jesus explains the cost of following Him. What does He say we must do to be His followers?

How can we do this today?

2. Adoption and Acceptance – John 6:37

Belief in Jesus is essential. How is it possible for a person to believe?

3. Peace through the Holy Spirit – John 14:26-27

4. Joy – John 15:9-11

Peace and joy are also fruits of the Spirit. What does the metaphor of “fruit” in contrast to “acts” tell you about the way these good traits become a part of your life?

5. Reward – Mark 10:29-31

Jesus had just stated that it is nearly impossible for a rich man to be saved. In vs. 28 Peter tells Jesus, “We have left everything to follow you!”

Why did Peter respond to Jesus as he did in 10:28?

Why did Jesus answer Peter as He did in 10:29-30?

How does this exchange shape your view of the rewards of following Jesus?

5. Friendship with God – John 15:13-15

James 2:23 says, “And the scripture was fulfilled that says, “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness,” and he was called God’s friend.”

Can a Christian be close to God without reading the Bible regularly?

Does being a friend of God mean being “good buddies”? Where is the balance with the fear of God?

7. We will have Trials – John 16:33

Why should Christians expect persecution?

Why shouldn’t Christians be fearful or anxious at the prospect of persecution when Jesus is absent?


 What one insight from this lesson would you like to take to heart?

How do you fall short or need to grow in this area? How would you like it to affect what you are and do?

What steps can you take toward this end?

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